Podcast: Launch of Democratic Audio

This is a podcast series I created for the Democratic Audit blog funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

The wonderful @cherylbrumley produced this Democratic Audit podcast – she's one of the @LSEnews biggest assets! http://t.co/WX2mpZXZaL

— Sean Kippin (@se_kip) July 3, 2014

In this inaugural episode of the Democratic Audio podcast, we rummage through some boxed sets and revisit some old television favourites to bring you an expert’s guide to political fiction. Four academics and writers: Steve Fielding, Ruth Wodak, Chris Mullin, Anders Lustgarten, offer their critique of some of the most watched shows from past and present like The Thick of It, Black Mirror, House of Cards, and Borgen. How do these programmes shape our views of politics and politicians? And do they in anyway resemble the real world politik? The podcast provides an invaluable educational tool for voters trying to interpret what is real, imagined or exaggerated in political fiction today.

Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Presented by Sean Kippin and Richard Berry. Other contributors: Steve Fielding, Ruth Wodak, Chris Mullin, Anders Lustgarten. Clips were used from the following shows: The West Wing: “Shutdown”; The Thick of It: Various; A Very British Coup, House of Cards: “Chapter One”, Black Mirror “The National Anthem”. Additional music and sound used: Funky Fierce – “ Radio Sound” via Freesound.org; “Democracy”, Encyclopaedia Britannica Films via the Prelinger Archives; and the following songs from The Free Music Archive: Frenic – “Get Out of Dodge”, Revolution Void – “Biomythos”, and Revolution Void — “You Constellate the Good in Me”. DA Channel Image: Takver: Refugees are welcome protests.